mmm is a common man system to remove poverty and imbalance towards financial problems

 I am Abhishek Anand,Participant of Mmmglobal.I Live in India.On October 12th I provided help for the sum of $100. On November 21th total amount of assistance i got was $50.I feel so grateful and excited. so I make the video here. thanks Sergey mavrodi. you created a remarkable system where people help each other. I wil remember the financial rules and together change the world.Again thank you so much.

MMMglobal is a unique system which is one of the most transparent way to help each other using the current banking system to increase the rotation of money among participants who willingly took part in this revolution to end the current financial monopoly of the RICH and the Federal Reserve. Please do not consider MMM as to make huge profits. Its just a means to increase the rolling of money from one hands to the other using our banking system. MMM is not a bank nor it collects and distributes the money to any one. It justs diverts the transactions as to who will help who.. I am 100% sure that this is the only way where common man can fight against financial slavery which he is being suffering from. LONG LIVE MMM... LONG LIVE THE IDEOLOGY OF MMM and SERGEY MAVRODI

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