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To access the full functionality of the LC (assistance, request for assistance, registration of debt MMM MMM-2011 and 2012, the lottery) - must go through the full registration. You can do this directly from your BOS, through the appropriate button on the Desktop:  
For the full registration will require the following information:
1) name.
2) The existing e-mail (e-mail domains, bk. Ru,,, not fit to participate in the MMM, so register email servers or in advance) .
3) Mobile Phone.
4) Password (at least 6 characters).
Once you fill in the required fields, you will need to verify your e-mail and mobile phone number. To do this, use the buttons in front of these fields, then you on e-mail and mobile phone will be sent confirmation codes.
Following the link from the letter that had come to e-mail, you confirm it.
Confirmation procedure mobile phone number: press the contrary entered phone number, wait for incoming SMS with the code and enter the figures in the window appears under the entered phone number, then click "OK".
A notification will appear:

Entrance to the LC done from the page "Entering LC". Enter your E-Mail, used for registration, and invented on the password in the appropriate fields and press "Enter."
Will need to pass an additional authorization process: Click "Request code on the phone" (1), enter the code from the SMS, which comes to the number specified by registration number (2), then press the "Enter" button (3).
Use SMS code as an additional stage of authorization - optional. If desired, you can use Google Authentificator (abbreviated - GA, more about what it is and how to start it, read here . This type of authorization is available to owners of mobile devices to IOS, Android and BlackBerry).

*** If for any reason SMS will not be delivered to you after three attempts, in the additional authorization will be a button "Request a call." After clicking on it you have received a call from a "robot", which tells the right number.

In case you lose your password, when you log in your account, use the button "Reset Password"
then enter the e-mail or phone number on which you are logged in MMM. Click on the "Send" button:
To the specified e-mail (or phone number) will be sent with a link to reset your password:
Coming in from any of the links, create a new password and enter in the appropriate fields.

If your ISP has blocked the entrance to the official website, use the mirror site. Be sure to write them down or add pages to "Bookmarks" in your browser (for the most correct operation of the Personal Cabinet, give preference to the browser Mozilla Firefox).
Bookmark this page you can by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl + D keys on your keyboard.

In order to choose the bookmarks in the future and go to the desired page, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B. Expand the panel "Menu bookmarks" and click on the appropriate link.

Discover information about blocking the official site .
*** In order to easily circumvent blocking official website providers, you can download the TOR (Tor Browser).  Here  you can read the instructions for installing it.

Assistance (purchase MAVRO) occurs by pressing the corresponding button. In order to assist other members of the system, click "Assist" on the desktop of your personal cabinet.

Select and enter the required parameters of your attachments:
1) Check out the risks associated with participation in the System, and then put the appropriate mark (tick) and click "Next".

2) Select the bank you want, then click "Next". (Note that the choice of currency is limited reference to the country specified by you at registration.)                                                        

3) Enter the amount contributed, click "Select".

4) Choose the right accommodation for you the amount contributed by the different types of deposits.

5) If you want to "sign up bonus" (from $ 20 to $ 100), do not forget to tick the appropriate box (1), and then click "Next" (2).
*** Maximum attachment size, limited at the program level - $ 10,000, including amounts previously made together with interest that will be relevant in the office on the date of application.
Size of investments made previously displayed when creating the application ("Promissory attachment"). Figure of 0 indicates that at the moment you do not have active contributions and limit $ 10,000 fully at your disposal to organize funds.

6) Carefully check that the correct request for assistance in the dialog box and click "Next."  

After successful completion of the above steps you will see a notification
and watch the application created on the desktop of your LK
You have created an application for entry will be queued on the distribution of the dispatcher (automatic program). In a short time for your application on the desktop will form LK order to assist other members.

WARNING! Order for transfer of the other participants will be formed on the full amount of the application! The Banking Commission is not laid in this amount is paid by you separately!

 Each order should amount of transfer (1) and the time allotted to make the transfer (2):                                                              
When you click on the area of ​​the order you will see details of the account beneficiary, necessary to complete the transfer (1), as well as the phone number for communication with the party (2), in case of unforeseen problems with the implementation of the translation:

Timely perform translations errands to LC. If you encounter difficulties with the transfer, the recipient and the sender can communicate with each other in chat order (if the phone is one of the participants is not available for any reason).

After committing the translation do not forget to press the corresponding button in the mandate. This is to ensure that the recipient was able to confirm receipt of funds in his LC. To invoke this menu, click on the area with the blue and white arrow, and then confirm the commission translation button "I made this payment":
In the menu you can confirm the transfer commission documented by attaching a screenshot file or online bank payment document scan. Click on the "Choose File" (1), select the desired file on your computer (2) and click "Next."  Documentary confirmation of the transfer is optional.

*** If the translation after the time and has not done, or you refuse to perform the transfer without a valid reason, your account will be blocked automatically and you will receive a notification in the LK
In lock mode operation only available in LC is Contacting feedback, in which you can specify the reason for the lock, and the conditions for withdrawal. Click on the "Create" button, select the appropriate category of treatment, specify your question concisely as possible, and then click "Save" :
You have created an appeal (ticket) will be displayed in the list of queries, then you will wait for a response statement: 
Once an operator will answer your appeal, near Ticket lights are notified:  

To request assistance for their personal details, you need to add a personal account in the section "Account" your LC. (In other words, we need to tell the system to which it is a bank account other actors should you send money. Assist. Accounts can specify several. :-))
This is done as follows:
1) Go to the tab "Accounts".      
2) Click the "Add".     
3) Carefully fill in the details for your bank account (including field "Full details of the account," the field "Display Name Account" is filled in an arbitrary way).
In your own interests. Correctly fill in the money do not get. :-))

4) Confirm the details of administration, received SMS code on the phone and entering it in the box.Click "Save".  

5) Sex in Chita notice.     
Congratulations, your personal account is added. Now at any time (subject to available Moors, which can be sold), you can request assistance to the details of the account by selecting it from the list when you create a help request. Read more about how to create a query help, read on.

 *** Also in the tab "Personal Accounts" You can always edit the details of personal accounts (1), delete the personal account (2) cause or drill down on an already existing account (3) (history for this account) by using the corresponding buttons .

 Request for assistance ("sale" MAVRO), as well as assisting occurs by pressing the corresponding button on the desktop of your LC.  
In order to sell your existing MAVRO:
1) Press the "Request Assistance". Check the box that you wish to choose to withdraw funds previously registered card or account and click on "Next":

2) Select one of the previously added personal accounts to which you want to withdraw funds, click "Next":

3) Select MAVRO for output. In this menu, you can choose MAVRO available for sale purses (1), see the amount MAVRO (2) and their value in real currency (3). Enter the requested amount in the appropriate field and click "Next":

4) Recheck the accuracy of the details for the withdrawal, and if all the details are correct, confirm the conclusion by using SMS code or key GA. Click "OK":

After that request assistance created appears on the desktop in the list of applications and requests.
By clicking on the window with the active query help, you may call the menu detailing the request and again to recheck the details (1) on which the requested withdrawal, but also to see sold MAVRO (2):
After creating the request for withdrawal expect formation of orders to other participants, will be displayed on the desktop of your Personal Account:

Attention! Confirm the order only after making sure that the funds credited to a bank account!
 Acknowledgement of receipt of the procedure is similar to confirm departure and transfer is performed by pressing the "Acknowledge receipt of funds" in the appropriate menu instructions:

Please note that you can extend the expectation of payment on the day (24 hours) and then renew so many times. Well, let's say, a person does not have time within the required time (48 hours) to meet. Anything can happen. We all living people. You can go and meet. :-)) Just watch the nose you have not started to drive. Using your kindness and indulgence. Scammers and trolls sorts.Which around here in bulk. Promuryzhat week, but in the end it never sent. And this is possible.Alas!

 If you want to sell your MAVRO ahead without waiting for the defrost period, and bring the nominal amount (if you urgently need money), it can be done using your conversion MAVRO posted on one of the available deposits in MAVRO 0% without increasing . To do this, in the tab "Moors", select the row of the account from which you wish to conduct the operation and press "To renew the Moors":

In the window that appears, enter the amount you want to convert to MAVRO 0%, press "To renew":

Rescheduled MAVRO displayed as the nominal amount of this, early convert deposit:

Mavro 0% available immediately to the conclusion, on general grounds, by creating a query help with the sale of these Moors.

After defrosting all depository MAVRO MAVRO automatically converted to 30%. If you like to make enormous profits :-)) and you decide to re-establish a deposit, you can quickly and easily re-register again these MAVRO 30% deposit without requesting withdrawal .
The procedure is similar to the procedure described above for early conversion MAVRO 0% and includes the following steps:
1) Select an account (click on it) to display the available MAVRO for subsequent renewal (1).
2) Click on the button "To renew the Moors" (2).
3) the appropriate box next to the desired type of deposit, enter the required amount: all or part of it (in our case - reissued all available MAVRO (3)).
4) click on "To renew" (4).

After that, in your section "Moors" will be a new MAVRO account created in accordance with the specified parameters conversion. MAVRO 30% will be converted to the selected at renewal, the current exchange rate on the day of transaction.
 Contribution date will be the date of the transaction renewal.

 Within days after receiving help (getting money for "sold" MAVRO) participant must write a "letter of happiness." To put it further possible (on condition of anonymity, of course) in the " mutual aid . "Link to writing a letter will be placed in the requesting assistance.

 Fill in all the fields (including the "text of the letter" - that is, write the letter itself :-)), then click "Send" button and wait for verification letters moderators official website. (To avoid :-))

*** If you wish (and hope you have it! Help native system :-)) You can add files to the message of happiness, confirming receipt of Assistance (1), and place a link to the video (if you have recorded a video about getting a "win" (2)):

If all the fields have been filled correctly, the button "Write a letter of happiness" - will disappear:
If properly - will not disappear! And yet, and a warning will pop up! :-))

 If desired, you can choose a leader from friends or from the " Green List ". This is done (the choice of the head) in the "My Page" -> "My Page" (1) by an appropriate button (2):

Head you, in fact, not really need something. No real power he has. Is that as a consultant if you do not understand something. 
Head for his "work" will receive bonus MAVRO as a percentage of your contributions (and nehily :-)), so do not stand on ceremony with him there. Contact if necessary at any time of the day or night. He performed at! And shirk begin - me! (Again, press "Select the head" and enter other data.) more about all this.

If you do not have time / desire to do his LK, you can assign your supervisor still the same and the Manager, and he will do everything for you (well, as a broker on the stock exchange). (More about control, click here. )
To do this, use the button "Make my head manage" in the tab "My Page":

After confirming your supervisor Manager button name changes:

That *** At any time you can turn off the head of the management of your LC (1) (to deprive him of the control function), as well as opt out of the head (2)
WARNING! Manager can perform any operation, but some of them require confirmation via SMS, in fact, for the most important moments in managing your LC (for example, creating a query help), you will need to inform the SMS code to your trustee. Always make sure that your LC registered your phone number (!). Approach to the selection manager ultimately responsible!

Once you assign your manager Manager in its LC, in the tab "Members" -> "Principals"
see a list that includes your name.

Get into LC Managing principal can by clicking on the desired party, right-click and clicking on "Go to the LC participant":
When switching to either the Manager LK lights notified in whose LK currently it is:

*** Appoint a manager of its LC - Optional. There is an alternative method: Managing Your future can immediately register you to my participants Trusting using the button "Add Principal" in the "Participants" -> "Principals"
filling in the necessary fields for registration and clicking "Save":
After that, head to the specified mail a letter containing a link. From the following link, it will need to create a password.
When you first log into your LC after registration Manager, it will need to enter your current mobile phone number (as well as additional contacts for communication with you)
 and confirm it by entering the incoming SMS to your mobile-code (ie, you'll need him to tell him), and pressing the "Save".
After confirming your mobile number will be ready for LK committing any transaction by you or your Manager.
If your LC Manager will manage it, the program will be to demand from him confirm all key operations (creation of a request for assistance, the change of bank details, etc.) via SMS codes that will be sent to your phone. And you'll need them to report to him. (If you want, of course. :-))

In order to transfer any part of its MAVRO (confirmed, of course), use the button "Transfer MAVRO another participant" in the tab "Moors" in LK:
Restrictions *** such transfer:
1) Amount of transfer can not be more than $ 100;
2) Translation MAVRO possible only on new accounts. If the participant, which is passed by the Moors, in LC has already passed the procedure of buying / selling MAVRO, translate it you can not do anything.
3) Use the program "make others happy" and translate the Moors in LK against one unique participant only once.
These limitations are due to the fact that the translations are assumed only to attract new members - to show them how the system works. If they do not want (yet! :-)) own money to invest. More information about the program "make others happy," see here.

So how to proceed?
Enter e-mail of the receiving party, as well as the accompanying commentary:

Next you need to select from the available MAVRO purses to be translated:

Enter the desired amount in the appropriate field in front of the purse, from which you want to transfer (1), and click "Next" (2):

The transfer MAVRO require you to confirm via SMS. Enter the code and click "Next."

Receive notification of a successful action committed:
And watch your desktop LC proper operation to transmit MAVRO (not yet completed).
At the transmitting side *** transfer MAVRO issued in the form to request assistance. This is due to the fact that with your MAVRO-account is debited the amount transferred, that is, in fact, the "sale" part of your Moors.
To transfer operation MAVRO became complete, and the receiving party would be able to dispose of them, to get confirmation of the latter. After pressing the recipient "Accept" button, the operation is carried out fully and finally transferred MAVRO debited and credited to the sender to the recipient.
At the receiving party *** MAVRO transfer takes the form of a request for assistance. This is due to the fact that the recipient is awarded by the Moors, ie formally it is as if "buy".
Once the recipient clicks on the button "Accept" and received the corresponding notice that clicked "OK"
it will only bring up the context menu, order confirmation, by analogy with the usual proof of the translation, and stamp it "I made the payment" (Clause 5 of this manual):
And you, as the sender, will only confirm receipt of funds, by analogy with the usual order confirmation on request assistance (item 7 of this manual):

Then request assistance from the sender and the application for assistance from the recipient - will be treated.

 Invite (invitation, promotional code, etc.) - this codeword party systems, on which he can invite others into the system and receive in the future for this referral bonuses (details - in the rules of the system , 3). As an invite, you can secure for themselves any word which is not occupied by other participants in the relevant field in the "My Page":
More about what ò.

Tell your invite beforehand assigned to you in the "My Page", the attendees, he pointed to him in passing simplified
or complete the registration:

In both cases, you will automatically mount it referrer (the man who invited this party system), and in his field "Your referrer" will indicate your name and e-mail (referrer change in the future or give it up - you can not).

For best use, invite bright, short, easy to remember the word.
Referrer - the people who invited you to the system. Referrer, besides registering for an invite, you can also specify directly in the "My Page". To do this, enter the e-mail or invite referrer in the appropriate field and click "Save":
Then, as in the case of reception for an invite, this field will no longer be changed. Keep in mind.

You can add members directly from your LC using the "Add Participant" menu "Members".  
*** The procedure is similar to adding members through the "Add Principal" in the tab "Principals" menu "Members" and is described in § 10 of this manual.

Invite new members You can also spread through your referral link, which is listed in the box below, in the "My Page".
Copy your personal referral link and spread it convenient for you. Potential participant, who went to your link goes to the registration page, after passing which you will automatically become its referrer (as is the case with the registration of your invites).

 MMM week, on Wednesdays, from 11:00 to 11:50 GMT, in real time, conducts sweepstakes lottery MAVRO 40%. The essence of the lottery is very simple - just guess the first few digits in the number. The winners are participants who guessed the first two or more digits.
To participate in the lottery, you must have a minimum deposit, confirmation of the transfer on behalf of (1), confirmed MAVRO debt repayment program (2) or confirmed referral bonus (3):
Having one of the above types of Moors in its LC, you have the right to participate in the "lottery".To do this, go to the "lottery" of your LC.
In the new window you will see:
- The next of "lottery" (1);
- Enter numbers by hand (2);
- Generating a random number key under each of the boxes (3);
- Button one time to generate all random numbers in all fields (4);
- To reset all the values ​​entered digits (5);
- Button to save your choice since the "lottery" (6).

Once you complete the required fields to enter numbers in any of the available options, click "Remember my choice" and you will see a notification:

Raffle "lottery" will be without your participation (the ability to enter / change the figures stopped for 5 minutes before the drawing), and you, in turn, will be able to familiarize themselves with its results on the menu page "Lottery" and compare your choices and values ​​fell, and also see the winners by clicking the appropriate button "Winners".
The winners are divided into 5 categories:
1) predicted only the first 2 digits and 
) only the first 3 digits 
3 ), only the first 4 digits and 
), only the first 5 digits 
5) matching all 6 digits.
The prize fund for each category - $ 1,000. It is divided between the winners. Say, in the second category (who guesses the first 3 digits) will be 100 people - hence, each will receive $ 1,000 / 100 = $ 10, however, the winning amount can not be less than $ 1.
If at any category winners will not (say, nobody guessed all six numbers), the prize fund for this category is added on to the next draw prize fund fifth category. In other words, if no one guessed this season in either 5 or 6 digits, the prize fund for the participants guessed all six numbers in the next drawing will be $ 3000. (Provisions for rules $ 1,000 plus $ 2'000 from the previous draw.)

If during the month, all 6 digits so no one can guess that settles the vote between the parties, whether to build on the same conditions as prize money for six figures (and wait for someone to guess them all the same) or spend drawing of an existing fund participants. 
example, this month so no 6 digits and not guessing, and there accumulated fund of $ 5,000.Vote: or even a month and continue to accumulate more (until someone guesses the 6-digit) or cast lots, and these $ 5,000 to someone from participants accrue. And then it all starts again with $ 1,000. 
Month begins on the date when the prize fund (category 5) is greater than $ 1,000.
Voting ends Tuesday at 10:30 GMT. After that, depending on the outcome, or at 11:00 GMT, lots shall be drawn and someone picks up the prize pool, or declared that the prize money tomorrow, Wednesday, will continue to increase for another month. 
more about all the mechanisms of " Lottery "

If you are experiencing technical problems with your LC, report the problem to those skilled support, use the "Feedback", which is located on the right side of your LC, along with other management tools:

Treatment in preparation for feedback click on the button "Create". Select the section corresponding to your problem ("The essence of the issue"), title the treatment ("Title") and describe the problem ("Inquiry"), then click on "Save".

When you create a treatment - it will be assigned a unique number:

After receiving a response to his appeal operator, next to the "Contact Us" (1), as well as directly next to the circulation (2) lights up a notification:

Continue to communicate with the operator, you can by clicking on the name of treatment. To add a sentence, click on "Add comment" (1). To send it to an agent, click on the "Save" button (2). In the event that the operator be required to provide additional data in the form of screenshots, or you can see for yourself the need for providing them, click on the "Add file" (3), and attach the appropriate image. If your problem is no longer relevant, use the button "Delete" (4), by pressing on which treatment will be deleted.  
Do not duplicate handling (tickets) for the same problem, because it slows down and complicates their treatment.

If you have a need to leave immediately, temporarily losing connection to the computer and LC, and the appropriate Manager you can not find, use the button "Go on vacation" in the "My Page".
Confirm that you want by clicking on "Yes".
And will be notified on the successful fulfillment of action:
When entering the LC, located in the "Vacation", you will also receive a notification:
Defrost term deposit also increases vacation (the due date of the deposit defrost added count days spent in vacation mode).
Use the button "Leave" at any time.
Exit "Leave" is possible by means of the relevant button and then either LC reverts to normal operation.

If you have previously lost money in the System MMM-MMM-2011 or 2012, you have the opportunity to participate in the return programs.
List your debt according to the instructions given here .
*** Return Program is only available in the Administration of the "Standard for Stability."Sign up in it, you can through this form or go into it with the appropriate button in the LC, in the "My Page".
Discover preferential offers for Return Program participants:
1) Ability to design a request for assistance with the placement of funds in the special deposit with a minimum freezing (2 months) and an increased growth rate (40%).
2) Free participation in a weekly lottery (more - here , in § 2).

To change your personal data, you must write a query in your feedback LC by selecting the appropriate category of treatment. As soon as practicable after the preparation of treatment operator will contact you to verify personal information.

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Sergey Panteleevich! 
can and should be added to the FAQ section. Section on the popularization of our dear Mother and System MMM! In the same style sustain the order of how you can share any information posted on our website, on the Internet and social networks. Moreover, not only within the designated areas (facebook, twitter, in touch), but also make the "drop down" menu - "copy link", "tell me or recommend to a friend", "send a message". To anyone here belongs, could effortlessly talk and tell the world about the coming financial apocalypse, the end of the financial slavery, and the early modern period! 
...... And yesterday wrote in the comments to your video response channel CMB .... . Please add the "Post to Classmates". Though I am not a fan of this project, but many of my friends and acquaintances all my free time simply "live there" ........ and they will also be entertaining to read good news and not a solid film from the media. 
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18.12.2013 20:56 Ivan - Fire
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16.03.2014 17:43 Mikhail
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Your details are not tested for uniqueness, that's all

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I really should contact the Savings? East is like a large enough too





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