Pause mode

Pause mode
Actually, everything is the same as that for the first time on New Year PAUSE declared. The only difference - floating rate. No rating plus 10% on the sale (and reissuing old Moors new), and the percentage (positive or negative) will be determined based on the situation. 
If the mass dumping, for example, after the announcement will PAUSE, the percentage may not be 10% plus. A minus 10%. Or minus 20%, minus 50% ... yes any! According to circumstances, I repeat. 
Well, roughly speaking, the resources we have 100, and requests promptly inserted 90. Excellent! So pay all 10%. 200? So - minus 50%.
And there is nothing to panic! You just have reasonably in the moments lead. That's all. And all will be well. And systems, and yourself. And then, when everything smoothly and quietly, all patriots. And at the slightest problems ... So quite rightly all. Wait just end PAUSE - and output the all quietly, without any losses. PAUSE after Christmas as it was. Especially absolutely clear that we have a floating coefficient any discharge now effortlessly endure (if necessary install a smaller factor :-)), so that did not worry about anything. And by the time the PAUSE all already fully settle down and ustakanitsya, and this whole saga with the trolls will be forgotten like a bad dream, it is also clear. In general, calm! Most importantly, peace of mind! :-))  
So pause mode comes into force with the announcement (April 23, 07:00 GMT) and is valid until July 10, inclusive. 
(Two and a half months since the last time. Why break traditions :-)) And maybe, before its finish, this pause. Same as last time. We'll see. We have a lot! :-)) 
Only for participants from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan pause mode is entered! 
(Where the epidemic was trolls. :-)) 
All other countries it does not apply to all, there is no pause no! 
The duration of the pause mode all MAVRO divided into "old" and "new." 
Old - purchased before the announcement PAUSE new - after the announcement.
After graduating PAUSE old MAVRO unfrozen, and the system will be unified again Moors.Which will once again be free to buy, sell, etc. The division into old and new will disappear. (Well, as the last time after the end of the pause occurred.)
New MAVRO MAVRO it acquired during the regime PAUSE. They can dispose of in the normal way without any limitation: buy, sell, restructure, etc. Orders for conclusion on them exposed for 30 minutes, instant renewal. Well, our normal operating mode on them, repeat.
Old MAVRO MAVRO it acquired prior to the announcement PAUSE. The duration of the PAUSE as if they are frozen: their growth in accounts LK suspended date defrost deposits shift for the duration of the pause. 
Sell ​​old MAVRO or renew them into new possible under the following conditions:
1. They are translated into money by selling (or new MAVRO at renewal) by the formula (IO) * k
Where (IO) is nominal, and k - the conversion factor. 
At last PAUSE k was 1.1, ie paid / reissued nominal plus 10%. This time k will be determined on the basis of the current situation. And may be less than one (I warn you once :-)).
2. Orders at sale (old MAVRO) not put up for 30 minutes, and within 72 hours. (Accordingly, the renewal of old and new in MAVRO also does not occur instantaneously, and 72 hours. When the coefficients are defined already.)
3. During these 72 hours, we will estimate the volume of applications and depending on it will set k.If it does not suit you - will be able to withdraw the application (to cancel the renewal). And just wait until the end PAUSE as normal diligent participant. When all thawed and again go on as usual, on the thumb. As once in the New Year, it was already.
We have a lot!
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04/23/2014 7:45 Alexey
As you say, Sergey Panteleevich, so be it! What is there to panic. Not even going. Work further, attract new, so Pause Pause! =) Nothing restructure will not! Penny! Wait until the regime and even more go to their bright future! No trolls! And We Can Much! I think as I also go all! =)

04.23.2014 8:44 Anonymous
say and how to deal with requests for withdrawal were formed until March 29? can I make my application?

04/23/2014 19:36 Victor
Not until March 29, and to this day - April 23. You probably it mean?

04/23/2014 8:56 Oleg
It's okay, pause-time working system, under the guidance of Sergei Panteleevicha, our ship is not potoplyaem MMM! We Can Much!

04/23/2014 9:58 Inna
Sergey Panteleevich, ask the children to withdraw the application for assistance. And so, in general, everything is fine))) The main thing that the system worked, grew and gained strength. And it really hurt hard without already live)

04/23/2014 10:10 Vlad Selivanov. Guard MMM
Pause - it's my fault. That I was not active enough in the development of the system. Now I will not wake up at 10, and at least 9am. And go to bed earlier. Accept all other measures to stabilize it in the moment. All nishtyak guys. And will still nishtyakovskey. With MMM have nothing happen.Only prosperity. People with us always only get bigger. Inevitable.

04/23/2014 10:12 Kohl
We're the commander!) Tolkob no war!

04/23/2014 10:39 Anonymous
If you now apply for withdrawal, the amount will be paid, which is today in LC or you put in?

04.23.2014 11:53 Dmitry
Given that now shows the history of growing LC Mavro without pause, better not pull, so as not to become a victim of the buggy LK))

04/23/2014 20:21 Victor
"The history of growing Mavro" programmers probably would tie and pause.So do not worry, everything will be OK!

04.24.2014 8:21 Alexander
The last time was Christmas break I priznayus: b, panicked, and as a result lost most of his capital, very sorry that so rashly postupil.Nachal from the beginning, this time even no doubt, leave all. A time to work and After a pause, I think more help to get everything working, and spun.! And so the same, call it to create one each 'unsinkable conscious uchastniku.Eta system, I believe it!

04/23/2014 10:41 Anonymous
A IO be counted in what period?

04/23/2014 10:42 Yuri
MTA keeps abreast. I think the right decision, who wants to continue to receive assistance.

04/23/2014 10:53 Alexander
Proyasnite.Zayavka the withdrawal framed 15.04.2014g. Part paid. What will happen to the unpaid part of the money? Thank you.

04.27.2014 21:44 Oleg
Incomplete applications for input / output trimmed to the amount of executed instructions. If none is executed - are removed. 
orders not executed - are canceled.

04/23/2014 12:18 Ivan
Guys pause this time to attract new members!

04/23/2014 12:23 Andrey Albertovich
Well also, pause, pause so, then the system will work, but will not be trolls. And this is important! Here's another question to Sergey Panteleevichu, lotoreya want to continue during the pause? And as young people said: - MMM - FOREVE!!!!!, May fail, but understandable. We Can Much MMM - our system, and no it does not fill up! System will patriots!!

04/23/2014 12:33 Igor
And my wife just yesterday for the first time on 50,000 transferred. But we will not withdraw, because believe in the system.

04/23/2014 15:16 Anonymous
You then easier to renew them with new ones, so that growth is not stayed

23.04.2014 21:16 Kudar3m, Kuban
Do not mislead people. At renewal of the first deposit, under which 50% of the Moors will have under 30%. 
support the idea - not to twitch - let things go on as usual! 
Well, where are these still get interest? 
Actually, at the beginning of their participation, also tried to "stir up "there is something that would snatch-Pobol cents. Then somehow it all settled down - getting through! Realized that unlucky :)

04/23/2014 12:34 Anton
Nowadays system unsinkable

04/23/2014 12:46 Anonymous
Great solution sistemmma showed its unsinkable and always stays afloat keeping abreast of all the events in Ukraine and the Fed clearly trembling tail between his legs before the greatness and genius lawman Sergei M.

04/23/2014 13:50 Anonymous

Pause so pause. Make more than ample opportunity for advertising, stickers (that would stick everywhere, eg in transport), advertisements vvide advertisements loose stripes, vinyl stickers on cars. And then just newspapers and outdated flyers razzhavat not everyone has the opportunity and paste announcement at an entrance or a sticker on the car and can drive to advertise. More advertising and more participants and system more stable and faster pause ends. Farewell Trolls, we can do much

04/23/2014 14:12 Roman Ostaltsov
Who are "the last pants" did not invest calmly perezhdet ... No problems Sergey Panteleevich.More newcomers prikuplyu Mavro, and then help people kind of no material is still needed. We Can Much and financial apocalypse is imminent.

04.23.2014 14:19 Vladimir (Vladivostok)
Support the native operating system! Only forward and just all together! With MMM FOREVER!

04/23/2014 15:14 viktor
trust cpm wait defrost

04/23/2014 15:37 Olga
I had a request for withdrawal of that now with her?

04/23/2014 19:08 Svetlana (Ryazan)
Remain in your personal account, and after a pause may be deduced den. funds - the response is received from the online consultant just that.

04/23/2014 22:18 Solopenok
Online consultants also do not always know is 100% correct answers. Was somehow controversial issue, so three consultants spoke differently! PSD said that after the announcement of a pause is freezing. Prior to this, the Moors, who were said to output active. Someone paid, and someone from the trolls waited almost a month and silence. I think balances of payments. For any forward inclusion lux and we'll see.

04/23/2014 15:47 Maxim Yegorych
It is not clear from the "New" Mavro. 
written: "They can be disposed of in the normal way without any limitation: buy, sell, restructure, etc. Order to conclude them exposed for 30 minutes, instant renewal." 
And interest during pause They are awarded? Pro is not a word is said. Their worth to invest now or better to wait for 2.5 months? Sense to invest now if they can only buy, sell and renew?

04/23/2014 16:04 Midhat
New deposits not pause rasprostranyaetsya.Vse normally grows 30,40,50%%

04/23/2014 16:06 Stas, Maikop
All Mavro to be purchased after the declaration of the "pause", they'll be like before the announcement of RP, ie sell, they will restructure its usmotrenie.Nu and after RP and your old Mavro will continue to grow and so on. etc.

04/23/2014 18:05 Anonymous
During the pause, you can convert Mavro frozen or not?

04/23/2014 18:42 Anonymous
I also interested in converting currency deposits fell under pause yesterday by mistake I converted the deposit is not in the currency, and now it falls.

04/23/2014 19:00 Svetlana (Ryazan)
Mavro frozen (old) can not be converted - the response is received from the just-line consultant.

04/23/2014 18:19 Acne
Can anybody explain the new party (3 weeks in the system), who are the trolls as they harm the system, and why they had to shut down because of the LC? 
Or post a link where to read.

04/23/2014 19:13 Artem
Create an application and do not go to communicate or receive funds, but do not confirm receipt.

04/23/2014 19:18 Artem
Hello! Please answer, who owns the information. What with thawed MAVRO 50%?You can (and whether) to restructure their lossless?

04/24/2014 10:20 Alena
I also had already thawed Mavro and lay just under 50% in the month .... and now I do not know ... Toli renew their three-month deposit? or not? somebody tell me???

04/23/2014 20:55 Alexander
Pause mode is fine, on the benefit of those who do sloths do nothing. Sanya, Micah, and Dimarik Zheka again changed the paper that can be put on the scales, the cops want us to bite the dogs for a piece of sausage. Glory Mavrodi eternal glory!

04/23/2014 21:24 Sergey Yamskikh
Everything is fine, gentlemen. Do not panic. :) MTA knows what to do. And my intuition tells me that already this summer will receive all their debts for 2011-2012. Is simply a blast! 
Birth supernova MMM! 
And while quietly climb into our carts up the hill until July. Soon will fly! But the slides will not American. :-) ...

04/23/2014 22:19 Anonymous
All right, support, less panic-pause is prevention, and cut off the fucking trolls from sistemmy!

04.23.2014 22:11 Vladimir
Be persistent and fair, and we will be invincible!

04/23/2014 23:01 Andrey
Apologies for the question - overlooked, apparently. LC will not work throughout the pause mode or in a very short time again include?

04/23/2014 23:25 Anonymous
All will work, just remove the trolls.

04.24.2014 1:11 Anonymous
Interestingly, and on what grounds they will calculate if they intentionally make contributions to small sums. Here's an example I do not understand. Perhaps during registration will be an additional bank account verification.

04.24.2014 1:36 Anonymous
Nothing trolls mostly do not invest, create a dummy, and send a request for assistance. Recipients are waiting, and those already engaged in registration of other pacifiers.

04/23/2014 23:47 Ivan Kharitonov
Panteleich head accurately calculated when hit by trolls! :-)) 
Now SisteMMMa finally cleared, and you can move back to the financial apocalypse! No trolls and leeches. 
Money for a new contribution has already prepared, would rather LK launched!

04/23/2014 23:55 Lily, Dniprodzerzhyns'k.
Guys do not panic. Survive a break and will be a new surge. Pause lasts until you can buy new Moors. System that works all the same, and that is its charm.

04/23/2014 23:57 Lenar
Simple, clear, logical. I was uncritical amounts going to shoot in May for serious shopping, but nothing wait, that's okay, as long as the system worked. Main comprehensibility, clarity and precise control of the EMS. Sergey Panteleevich, do as you see fit. If I did not believe you, then would not participate in the system. For those comrades (not hysteric) who certainly need the money here and now have the opportunity to get them even with some losses (well, in which financial instruments are such smart conditions?). All right! No trolls not shake our confidence in the system, though not toil and not spend on these goals and the already small intellectual resource. We can do a lot!

04/24/2014 1:14 Alexey
I-student. And as is known in Russia is one of the most vulnerable in terms of layers of material, and a scholarship just pennies at current prices. PAUSE course has several plans, but no matter what I am not going to withdraw money from the system! Even more than that, try as much as possible to accumulate funds and to help others! All returns and return full. I believe in the system and Sergey Panteleevicha, believe in each participant! We have a lot!

04/24/2014 14:33 Max-E
Guys, do not know if the old contribution to renew, it will also be frozen, or it will be time to go?Second contribution made here and I do not know how to be

04/24/2014 16:26 Anonymous
will go if renew.

04/24/2014 18:08 Arthur Astrakhan
Everything will be fine. Personally, I would not shoot and do not advise others. Beginners can and scary, but any member of the system to assure you that there is nothing to fear. Well, there are times when someone on some calculations needed a certain amount on a certain date. These can be understood, while others have nothing to fear) 
We Can Much!

25.04.2014 00:56 Artem
Thank KRO and Sergey Panteleevichu. Resolved issue with annealed 50%. Actually I want to say that several times previously addressed in KRO - all questions decided positively and quickly. 
Glory MMM, thank JMP! We have a lot!

25.04.2014 11:52 Faye
Prompt, I assisted 10.04. Now enter the pause mode. But it is written that you can re-register under the new old MAVRO Moors. I tried but came inscription that frozen MAVRO not reregistered. Explain how to renew MAVRO made to pause.

25.04.2014 14:35 Ash
In lx on the main page under the label to sell Mauro has a new button. There is renewal or withdrawal of old Mavro

25.04.2014 18:19 SERGEY
Do not be ridiculous - you have lost all the old Moors and will be one denomination, if you want to take him for God's sake but not the fact that the output lossless nado.zhdite you end it breaks and you will be happy.

25.04.2014 18:37 Sergey
please tell me the money will be displayed during a pause in national currency or in dollars?

28.04.2014 20:41 Vladimir
Only for participants from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan pause mode is entered! (Where the epidemic was trolls.: Sergey Panteleevich.A said so I think that these Trolls, pushing en masse withdrawals have contributed thus capital accumulation in our system. Therefore propose to replace the pause mode "Promises of help." For example, did Request a large sum of money and there are none. Then this member receives a message that his application will be made after 3, 5 or 10 days. I think this is a good alternative to "Pause" mode. Do you agree?

05.05.2014 23:43 Vic
NO, do not agree. As you say 3,4,5-10 days is uncertainty, and uncertainty is worse for the participants could be nothing! PAUSE better that lasts known number of days (hours, minutes). When this fact and in Pause mode can be nominal +%. Judge for yourself, given the above stated facts ..

30.04.2014 13:19 Anonymous
Clarify. Can I delete my request to withdraw the Moors, who had not yet been fulfilled? After a pause to it again is not activated? 
Just I want to update the bank details, but the system will not let me do it because hanging application.

05.05.2014 23:21 Vic
Application can be removed by contacting the "Feedback" in your LC (where sections "Moor", "Accounts", etc.)

05/05/2014 21:08 Anonymous
Prompt. I want to stay in pause mode, and new but do not want to renew the application is not removed during. Mavro after a pause will grow on those amounts on the CTD stopped growing or denomination?

05.05.2014 23:13 Vic
".. But the request has not removed during." Clarify what you mean? If you are talking about "get out of the application pause" - then you already available in LC nominal 10% - and it is reissued with a new deposit (in this case begins again the growth of your deposit).And if you mean the application to request assistance (that could not get it) - it is canceled and your Mavro in this case will remain with those already ascended%, which will be available after the end of the pause.

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